The 2nd Annual Jack Herer Cup Las Vegas Results

The 2016 Jack Herer Cup celebrates Nevada’s new legalized status through the legacy of an industry icon!

Cannabis cultivators and cannabis product creators, from Nevada and out of state, competed in various categories including best flower, best vape pen cartridge, best concentrate and best overall product. With the awards being presented at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas Nevada, on November 17 2016.

Jack Herer was the author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” published in 1985 and considered one of the first comprehensive books about the cannabis plant, he was a lifelong cannabis activist who sadly passed away in 2010.


The results of the 2016 Jack Herer Cup are...


Lifetime achievement:

Jeannie Herer


Winners from Nevada:

Vape pen cartridge

Hybrid – Bhang Vegas Valley Growers (Segerblom Haze)

Sativa – Bhang Vegas Valley Growers (Tange)

Indica – Bhang Vegas Valley Growers (Herijuana 2.0)



Hybrid – Tahoe Hydro Co. (Gelato 45)

Sativa – Tahoe Hydro Co. (Blackjack)

Indica – Tahoe Hydro Co. (Tahoe Hydro OG)

Greenhouse outdoor – Common Sense Botanical (Gelato 45)


Hybrid – Melting Point Extracts (Agent Orange)

Sativa – Pisos (Jack Herer Shatter)

Indica – Tryke (Khalifa Kush Shatter)

Hash – Silver State Trading (Royal Jelly)

Best product

Silver State Trading – California Finest (Blackberry Prerolls)


Out of state winners:

Vape pen cartridges

Hybrid – FlavRX (Tropical Train Wreck)

Sativa – Jah and E-NJoint (SoCal Jack)

Indica – FlavRX (Black Label)



Hybrid – Dying Breed Seeds (OG Eddy Lepp)

Sativa – Green Mile (Superjack-Advanced Nutri)

Indica – California Finest (Motorhead Kush)



Hybrid – Dying Breed Seeds (OG Eddy Lepp Resin)

Sativa – Tryke (Strawberrry Cough Shatter)

Indica – California Finest (Motorhead Kush Resin)



CBD – Silver State Trading – Trokie – 50 mg CBD Trokie

THC – Bhang – (Nugum 200mg per pack)


Infused cannabis

Pot Rock and Jah (Jah Rock)


Best product