UK Cannabis Social Clubs Unite For First National Meeting

The 5th of November may be known for treason and plot in the UK, however the 6th of November may now be remembered as a day for reason and pot, thanks to the UKCSC.

Over 150 activists representing cannabis clubs and communities from around the United Kingdom gathered together in Leicester for the first United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs National Annual General Meeting. The UKCSC campaigns for the right to grow, share and collectively consume cannabis.

Watch the highlights from the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs 1st Annual General Meeting below:


The event was chaired by Greg de Hoedt, the UKCSC's Chairman, and Stuart Harper, Political Liason for the UKCSC. Representatives from cannabis clubs from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland were in attendance. The discussions included speakers from Brighton Cannabis Club; hosts of Green Pride (see video below), Bristol Cannabis Club; the biggest CSC in the west country, Cardiff Cannabis Social Club; hosts of the Global Cannabis March in Wales, and Teeside Cannabis Club; cannabis media magnets who have successfully worked with local police forces to help "decriminalise cannabis in the North East".

The last few years have shown a giant leap forward in the cannabis movement in the UK and this is shown in the successes that cannabis clubs have had in building numbers, organizing events, creating awareness and in some cases even getting permanant venues for their clubs.

Niamh Eastwood, Executive Director of Release UK; a drug law and human rights organization, discussed some of the many complicated legal situations regarding cannabis in the UK. Even international speakers including Marc Emery Canada's "Prince of Pot" and Michel Degens, founder of the Mambo Social Club in Belgium came to share their stories and give their opinions on the UK cannabis movement.

One of the campaigns launched by the UKCSC is a "Tagged Plant Collective Model", the idea being tags are sold by the UKCSC to growers following the 9 plant model; growing for personal or collective/club needs, the organization would then come together and offer legal support to growers. The mutual agreement from all at the AGM was that only through working together and building groups and collectives in local areas, unified under a national banner, can cannabis be legalized in the UK.




To learn more about the UK Cannabis Social Clubs and cannabis culture in the UK check out our videos below!