Dabadoo New England 2015 - Winners & Results

The first Dabadoo event to be held on the east cost of the USA! A small selection of quality extract artists competed - read on to find out who won the 2015 New England Dabadoo!

Dabadoo is a cannabis cup style competition that judges high quality hash and concentrates. There are two categories of entries, Solvent; hash made using butane, CO2 or other extraction methods, and Solventless; made using techniques that don't require solvents like water or dry sift extraction.




1st Place - Treesap - Dukes of Earl

2nd Place - Alien OG Cookie - Rob C GooCrew

3rd Place - Allies Blend - Victoria Nelson

Highest THC - Treesap - Dukes of Earl




1st Place - Mack Daddy - Mike Testa

2nd Place - Pennywise - Mike Testa

3rd Place - Black Magic - Dana Johnson

Highest THC - Mack Daddy - Mike Testa


Visit Smokers Guide TV for video coverage of the event!