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Stella Blue

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Stella Blue
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Nov 7, 2005


Sativa hybrid clone (Original California bud), Bio.


Light-green buds with darker broad leaves, HEAVILY dusted by THC crystals. There are lotsa "sturdy" red-orange hairs poppin� around and nice little calyx clusters to be found as well. These are compact buds, well dried and easy to break up. As I�ve seen with many "instable" Stella's, there is the odd seed here and there but considering it does not affect the potency much in this case, it is merely something to note in avoiding rolling it up!


The smell is delicious. Like a fresh fruit drink, this just screams: "enjoy me!" as you break it up and prepare it for a spliff. Completely sugary-sweet, this smells like a fruit market! It burns heavy, with a tinge of Haze.


The taste is quite flat, in that it hits your mouth rather directly without as much fruit flavour that you�d expect from the smell. The aftertaste is great however; it spreads from the roof of your mouth down to your throat, leaving your palette ripe for a chilled Chardonnay. A gorgeous blend of tastes�


The FX come on much like the taste; at first subtle then it just starts to "ease" into your brain, making you feel relaxed yet strangely still energetic and not sleepy at all. This feeling can be best described as when you just start getting buzzed off of a serious alcohol like Tequila (in my case); you feel like you are gonna be silly soon� Best of all, with this there is NO HANGOVER!!!


This hit the spot just right! A nearly perfect Wake&Bake smoke that makes for a perfect Breakfast-in-Bed Joint with a glass of dry champagne, fruit and poffertjes! Lekker - YUM!

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