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Fatal Haze

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Fatal Haze
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Jul 16, 2004


Pure Sativa (Mexican-Turkish cross) Grown indoors for 16 weeks.


Delicate buds, tiny & thin-leafed. They are elongated and kinda "spindly". Slightly darker green. Lightly crystalled with darker orange-brown hairs, all of it somewhat "loose".


Typical aromatic haze with an additional sweet & sugary scent. After it gets lit, the room fills with a luxe smoke, very sandalwood and incensed in smell.


Anisette/licorice more than anything, this weed is sweet and strong flavoured. A bit harsh on the throat which may be a result of the growing versus the curing process because the weed itself was not overly dry. Overall the taste was quite enjoyable.


I think this one is trippy. Super typewriter-eye-high flash that make for strong visuals: Bug-out on the sunlight/shadow play going on in your peripherals. If the sun ever decides to shine this summer, I would recommend this for a trip to the park.


This is (luckily) not fatal. (I guess you�d lose any return biz if it were;) It is quite trippy weed with a good combo of visual and body FX. A solid Haze blend like this is always a good call...

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