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Sep 23, 2003


Sativa, 100% bio.


Exquisite! Gorgeous looking buds when you examine them closely. They are nearly black in colour and the interior parts are completely crystal covered. There's also lots of perfectly formed calyxes. The greener fan leaves that jot out are crystalled too. There are light orange - yellow hairs and they are thin and "snuggled" in tight during the curing. Breaking up is hard to do as it is so sticky-resinous and snugly packed. Lucky the cure is perfect allowing it to burn easily.


Out of the bag, the scent is intoxicating; simply delicious. There are tones of vanilla, cocoa, with a spicy (maybe nutmeg or clove) scent mixed in somewhere in the background.


What you'd normally see from a Purple with the spice en that, but the freshness is extraordinary. We toked it at NateK's house, in the Vrip vapouriser; it tasted really piney and spicy. I usually smoke spliffs of Purple strains (and Mexican's, Thai's, etc.) cos they can begin to taste like burned popcorn before they release any vapour, but surprisingly, this was great in the vapouriser!


The high is superb for a weed of this type. I call this tickle-eye high cos you get these little "flurries" in the back of your eye. Everything's a little harder to focus on than normally. Visually powerful, you just really feel tweaked. If you've been on the heavier strains lately and you switch to this, it can really be a blessing; you feel a different sensation then from the usual PP or "white" varieties. Best of all, the FX last for a long, long time, and then you just feel pretty normal again.


This gear won the Highlife award here in Holland and you can see why. This is certainly one of, if not The Best Purple strains I've tried in ages! Don't miss this if you are a fan of unique herb.

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