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Siberian Tiger

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Siberian Tiger
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Oct 10, 2001


White Widow crossed with ???


Medium dark green (made lighter with a heavy coating of yellow/orange crystals) with tiny clumps of orange hairs. Serious grapes o' wrath stylee: Tiny "bulbs" hiding the goodies within. Simply beautiful looking!


It breaks fruity, with a bit of citral-menthol. Like a candy mint with a background of rich earthy grounds.


Coffee-like and rich. I call it "Java C" flavour. This herb lingers with you. Starts with a wee menthol flav; moves to the more rich coffee bean, and follows with a small amount of sweet paprika. Several fine combinations of taste.


Wow, Widowtje! This shit gets me tweaked out! It's really like tripping mildly. Visually strong with a "clumsy" effect on the body at the same time. The intensity of the high isn't really relaxing, it's more of a rush! The high lasts for over two hours. (This is incredibly long for a heavy toker like the BushDoc) Not too drained after the ride either...


I really had problems breaking up (destroying) this wonder of man and nature. The grow time/maturity, manicure and cure processes were as spot-on as it gets. One of the finest I've seen in 2001 in this category. (I need to grab a bit more for personal.) My advice is to pick up some more before the Tiger goes extinct!

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