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Real Thing 1 - CLOSED 2005

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Aug 6, 2002


Apparently this was imported from China, but the guy behind the bar was too busy to ask for more detail.


Well, it's not Red. Bad joke. Ok, seriously, it IS actually really similar looking to a reddish-brown lebanon. The skin is slightly darker and more shiny while the interior is slightly lighter with a "ruddy clay-like" colour and texture. This gear tends to snap & spin off into tiny bits, so ensure you got enough space in your rolling area!


It smells softly of mint with a touch of marjoraan or leafy oregano that has begun to dry. The "spice" has an alluring scent that draws people nearer to see what you're smoking... "Peking, Man"! Add a little bit of Java on the side and then all you gotta do is find Lucy in the ground with diamonds... Sorry, that's a little anthropology humour for the brainiac stoners! (Now there's a string of oxymorons ;)


The taste is not too harsh and surprisingly soft and minty for a hash that is this hard-pressed. There is a bit of "hair" contaminant was present once or twice. Overall it has some chalky, limestone flava which is very much like Turkish or Lebanese hashes to my tastebuds.


High is not really chilled like Moroccan polms but more of a "buzzy" feeling like plants that come from higher altitudes like Nepal and Kashmir. But where is this from really? Native K sat back and smoked a fat spliff of the Peking and pondered these very deep thoughts....


Nice change of pace here. Perhaps it was just the name that had us going, but the taste and high were certainly different to what we were expecting. A kind of combo of FX and appearances had us thinkin' more of a polm but feelin' more of a finger hash high. I would like to explore more Chinese hashes and the Real Thing seems like a good starting point considering they're the first and only i've seen selling it!

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Real Thing 1 - CLOSED 2005

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