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Real Taste
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Real Thing 1 - CLOSED 2005

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Oct 21, 2003


Haze hybrid. Bio.


Densely pressed, you pull these buds apart like they are steel wool pads! Longer, darker leaves stick wildly out of the lighter green interior. Brownish-orange hairs are "pumped out" and look all fuzzy like spider legs. (Wow, I must be baked!) There is a rainbow "glue" of crystals which really need to be admired under the light. Even the little stems are covered!


Strong and sharp scent. Slightly metallic. As it burns, there is a bit of that Sativa sandalwood which fades to a cleaning product type of smell.


OK, so the name fits! It is definitely fresh and sweet. Very strange to notice this, but when you vapourise this too much, it starts to get a flavour like a hot tobasco sauce. Trippy!


We got SO baked from this. It just puts you out in a strange, trippy world of your own! NateK was just staring at the fish aquarium, speechless. I started laughing at him cos his eyes and lips were bulging out like the very fish he was gawking at!


This was really a nice sample from the Real Thing. We popped by for a "happy hour session" and were kept happy and comfortable for an hour or so, before we cruised out for a sunny afternoon in the Jordaan. Real good!

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Real Thing 1 - CLOSED 2005

2e Laurierdwarsstraat 40
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