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Double Trouble

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Double Trouble
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Real Thing 1 - CLOSED 2005

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Nov 11, 2002


Although the Real Thing has a great listing of what the strains are, we seemed to have lost it somewhere. Assume it's an Indica-Sativa hybrid.


These nuggets are originally darker green but are considerably lighter with a yellowish crystal coating. Really solidly built rocks of bud, drawing on its Afghani heritage. Fat, fuzzy hairs all over and in the bottom of the bag also, clung all together with the static electricity.


K2 smell, i.e. Ginger Scented; I call it Sushi Smell because of the salty-sweet vinegar and ginger aroma.


Slightly metallic and soapy flavoured. As if you drank some tap water from a still-soapy metal cup. BTW, this is actually a nice taste believe it or not. (It's funny how weed can condition you into enjoying smells like Skunk, Metal, Soap and Cat Piss, eh?!?)


Really nice high. Swimmy. That's when the air's so heavy around you, it's as if the room has filled with water! Kind of "out of it", feeling dreamy, heavy eyed, and mildly visual. If you smoke too much or are drinking alky, then you should take caution as you can head off the deep end and get a bit sleepy.


I was just chillin' out, listening to Steely Dan and kicking back. It was a cruising high until I shifted into a trippy "down" for a minute because of some weird mental moments. I adjusted my brain, and it was happy trails until I drifted off to a very solid sleep...

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Real Thing 1 - CLOSED 2005

2e Laurierdwarsstraat 40
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