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Polm Afghan

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Polm Afghan
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Real Thing 1 - CLOSED 2005

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Jun 16, 2003


If the name is accurate, this would be Afghanistan plants dried, shaken and pressed into a polm.


Dark brown; not black, not light brown. It's kind of rocky, not at all layered like most North African polms. Not quite sure how they pressed this but it seems hardened like a "jewel", but it still has a cake dough interior.


The scent is soft and is slightly perfumed like a fine Moroccan Super Polm. Slightly minty, with a touch of spice.


The taste is fresh and strong. There isn't too much of a spicy flav that you get from the Afghani darks; this one isn't very peppery either. Did they use different plants for this, or is the "hot" taste converted to a "minty choco-ice" when the plants are dried OR is it in one of the additives they used? I�ve no clue. All I know is that it tastes good, like a light Marok with a heavy oil content.


Slightly body-high, a bit relaxed. NativeK says he could smoke this after a long bike ride and then be ready to do another 20km! I don't know about that, but I did like the FX that I felt as my muscles relaxed without turning into "jelly" like some Afghani weed does to me from time to time.


The quality and uniqueness of this hash is almost too good and too specialist! Well worth the money, if you are after a different type of polm, that combines both worlds of a darker Afghani buzz with a more perfumed polm flavour.

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Real Thing 1 - CLOSED 2005

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