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C.Cup Hash 12

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C.Cup Hash 12
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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shop profile Jan Rebelstraat 21


Oct 10, 2001


This is nederhasj, made from powders shaken from plants grown here in the Netherlands.


Very densely pressed powder. Takes on the consistency of a raw, pressed paper. Various small fibres hold the stuff together.


Very rich and sharp pine scented. Quite nice to smell as it's broken up but really shocks the nostrils as it gets fired up!


It's a very strong "green" plant smell with a slight chem flav. After you smoke, a "wave" of this taste coats your tongue and throat. Taking a large hit of this burns a little bit and certainly will make you hack!


A very strong high to be had from this one. It hits hard and strong with a big rush at first and then a steady long-lasting high for about 90 minutes.


Normally I prefer unpressed versions of this nederhash but this one is as strong as any of those, while still retaining the lovely fresh flav. Easier to carry and load/roll this has me wondering who submitted this lovely sample; not bad! I differed from our hash panel of judges on this one as they ranked this one mid-level. I ranked it quite high and wouldn't mind buying some more....

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