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C.Cup Hash 19

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C.Cup Hash 19
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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Cannabis Cup

shop profile Jan Rebelstraat 21


Oct 10, 2001


From the looks of this i'd have to say North Africa.


This stuff looks like a petrified dog shit. It looks like a ball of Nestle's Crunch bar that was half gnawed-on and then left out of the wrapper for around a month! At this point, i'm thinking "don't judge the book by the cover"... Let's hope this sandy brown, mottled interior tastes good!


The smell is virtually non-existent outta the bag. You can definitely get the polm scent as it burns but then it gets a bit foul here and there.


Much like the smell, there seems to be a lot of play between an average-normal polm flav and a sub-par flav that borders on "soap-bar"!


Honestly, Native K & I each took a hit of this, made disgusting "gag-faces", and decided to smoke some of the other 20 samples instead. I imagine it would get you high; but so do most "icky" things when they are smoked!


The range in taste and smell indicate this to be a fairly contaminated sample; how in the hell did it find it's way into the Cup entries? Have I missed something? Our panel of 6 distinguished life-long hasj smokers were also unimpressed. It rated lowest on their blind test of 20 Cup hashes. I'm afraid to see who entered this; there musta been some sort of mistake!

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