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C.Cup Hash 13

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C.Cup Hash 13
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Cannabis Cup

shop profile Jan Rebelstraat 21


Oct 10, 2001


Morocco, most def!


Thin cut, light, not too cakey, golden, rich and ready. Supa-dupa polm ready to flame up, as it burns and breaks up easily. It almost spread like butta!


Rich and slightly perfumed. The scent is soft in the bag but really starts risin' as it gets prepared for a spliff!


Also, typical fine polm. A very rich and flowered taste. Rich resin that is almost "fresh" is the key to these types of flavas. A wee sweet in there too.


Nice mellow high. Nothin spectacular but very relaxing all the same. Ya kinda float around the crib, takin deep yet soft breaths. A very chilled high.


You get so spoiled with fine, light gear like this in A'dam. My Moroccan pot'nahs always tell me that when it's the best here, it may even be better than a lot i'd find in Morocco because the good shit is quickly sent over here to bank real ducats!

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