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C.Cup Hash 15

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C.Cup Hash 15
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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shop profile Jan Rebelstraat 21


Oct 10, 2001


Moroccan Polm, no doubt!


This stuff was begging to be smoked! It called to me through a thin plastic bag with the number 15 marked on it! "SMOKE ME!" So I did... The interior was moist and cake-like. Just how I like it. It broke up with out too much aggrevation and was quite easy to roll into mini-balls for a fat spliff.


I know this fine polm scent anywhere; icy-choco-spice. I always smell a bit of peppermint in there near the end.


The taste is rich and heavy on the throat, but not "stinging" like some darker hashes. There is a wee spice followed by what I think of as an "After Eight" chocolate mint that just melts in your tongue and throat.


Nice high, really settling and smooth. We smoked this one twice in one day and it really was lasting and enjoyable. No crashing comedown; just a mild-soft "i'm not high anymore" feeling.


This was a really nice hash. Of the 20 samples, it called to me and got my attention quickly but I am not certain this will be the "best of the best" yet! We DID smoke 2 joints of this which is more coverage than any other hash sample got (given the time constraints) during "blind" judging!

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