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C.Cup Hash 18

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C.Cup Hash 18
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Cannabis Cup

shop profile Jan Rebelstraat 21


Oct 10, 2001




Medium-thick cut, earthy brown, soft and flexible. This stuff really looks like it's made from fresh cake batter. Incredibly moist and oily.


Soft, sugary with a subtle perfume. There is a soft flowery smell that is released when you burn a spliff.


A bit like a bakers cocoa blended with some butter and a few assorted wildflower petals. It's not sweet but still retains a wee choco-flav.


Perfect high for the late afternoon on a misty, sunny winter day. The sunbeams eased through the trees and into the smokin' room and my heart rate slowed for an hour while slouched into a large armed chair.


This was unanimous amongst The Crew; the best Polm entered into the Cup. Our panel of judges raved over this. Native K smoked a fatty and actually was speechless for the first time ever! J, S. Guide smoked this gear and agreed with me too. This was simply smooth; you never know if we just lucked out with the "cut" but it was a top polm!

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