Cannadians rejoice! Elections & Karma...

Yes we cannabis! Hemp hemp hooray! Merry Marijuana! Free Weed! The Karma Cup in Toronto followed by a Liberal landslide election for Canada… wow what a week!

Congratulations to Mr. Trudeau. We look forward to the changes to come.  But even as we are still under the hypocritical thumb of Harper, an incredible event like the Karma Cup is bringing cannabis in Canada into the light.


What is the Karma Cup?

My girl “WildCard” and I just had an amazing weekend at the 2nd annual Karma cup.  It is an amazing event that actually lasts about 2 weeks, for those of us lucky enough to be involved with judging.  A staggering 100 entries were featured in the judges sample pack.  Entries included 8 categories from flowers; Sativa, Indica and Hybrids to popular concentrates like shatter and budder, a solventless hash category. Oh let’s not forget the ever challenging edibles category with 18 entries to evaluate! There was even a new topical category and a heady glass category to be judged. We had a tough time but made it through them all!


A Weekend of Cannabis Celebration

The Karma weekend kicked off at Planet Paradise vape lounge with many cannabis industry people attending representing the many fine sponsors like: Dinafem, CropKing Seeds, Heavenly Daze, Cannawide Dispensary and many more. Of course Marc and Jody Emery were there, Remo was chilling, meeting friends and admirers snapping photos! 

We had a great Saturday afternoon before the Karma Gala event, chillin on set for the Toronto edition of The Redbeard Glass Show in Mastahrolla's Chill Zone and Errlectric Dave.

Later there was a gala dinner and entertainment  featuring live music, with tons of give-aways and good food. Dabs and joints flowing everywhere; in fact WildCard and I took our favorite entries left from the judges kit to smoke over the weekend but couldn’t even pull out our samples! Thompson Caribou was at every event night doling out the free dabs, sampling many great budders and shatters to all who wanted.


Karma Cup Awards

Awards night was also filled with free dabs after the heavy hitting completion of Beard brothers many fine entries. Much up and coming talent was showcased an appropriately awarded. Check out the videos coming on for more.

Election Day Canada!

Just when you think the weekend couldn’t get any better, it did! Smart we booked our hotel till Monday,  we got to chill out Monday afternoon with our bud Remo the Urban Grower shooting some content, and puffing big ass Remo joints, as we toured an amazing glass display at Vape on the lake.

Finally after all goodbyes and well wishes to all of our old and new friends, we realized, “shit! It’s Monday October the 19th we’ve got to vote”, so back to reality… 8pm roll in to vote… Fuck Harper!!

Go home stuck to television watching election Canada TV… what??? No way, a landslide liberal majority government!  You did it Justin Trudeau… now are we finally free??  Trudeau’s been saying legalize marijuana since before he was elected to lead the liberal party, it was a part of his platform and smeared against him in his opposition’s campaigns. 

IT MUST HAPPEN; this change has been 10 years coming, already 10 years too long to wait, and now it seems like the icing on the Canna Cake.

We look forward to an open-minded government to lead with respect and tolerance… at least for us Cannabis smokers! ; )



Keep checking back as we will be adding more videos from The Karma Cup here...