5 Top Hotels on 7 Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica

The 7 Mile Beach in Negril Jamaica has been voted the 10th Best Beach in the World by TripAdvisor. It features the softest white, powdery sand, and the most gorgeous sunsets you may ever see.

When traveling to Negril, you can opt to stay at either an All-Inclusive resort that will cater to all your needs, or an independent hotel right on the Seven Mile Beach. While it is convenient to go all-in in Montego Bay, we recommend finding a smaller, chill spot on the 7 Mile Beach. Some are fancier and pricier, while others are pretty basic, but with a cool vibe. You will smell ganja in the air, drink Red Stripe beer, and relax... When making your choice, have a good look at bathrooms featured on the profile photos, they can tell you a lot about the standards of the accommodation.


Here are a few of our favorite accommodations on the 7 Mile Beach in Negril: 

1. CoCo La Palm  - known for its great restaurant a large and wide beach area. The Superior rooms in front will provide you with a nice large terrace and a sea view. Their beautiful large pool is nestled in between their uniquely shaped buildings, amongst the most tropical plants.


2. Negril Treehouse Resort - this hotel is almost always sold out. Unlike most hotels on the 7 Mile Beach, it offers buffet breakfast included in price. Their portion of beach access is super wide, and with a large pool and hotel beach bar. 


3. Idle Away Beach - One of the most stylish boutique hotels on the beach. High quality furniture, and excellent reviews. 


4. Travellers Beach Resort - The rooms are tastefully decorated, and the hotel is nice. Their beach is not as deep as some of the other hotels mentioned above, but you can get a very good deal on accomodation. No pool, but you are on the beach for a reason!


5. Kuyaba Beach Resort - The style says it all. Featuring a full restaurant on the beach side of the resort, this hotel is very cool! Hut style rooms offering all comforts, but no pool. That said, the sea is completely sufficient...


Note that by Jamaican law, all public spaces, including hotels, and their public spaces and private rooms are to be smoke free. Hotels may allow smoker friendly zones at their own discretion, but are not obliged to do so. Larger resort hotels like Beaches or Sandals have very smoker unfriendly attitudes. Even if they allow small smoking zones - they are mostly very negative to cannabis and its smell.  


Read more about The Legality of Cannabis in Jamaica


Smoking on the beach is technically illegal as well, but mostly tolerated and law enforcement usually looks the other way if you are smoking a blunt. Remember smoking cannabis, despite being legal, is still a privilege. Make sure to not leave any garbage or butts behind, and be mindful of other people. 


If you decide to go for a day, or even night trip from Negril, make sure to visit Zimbali Retreat. It's just a drive away, and they will arrange a pickup from your Negril hotel, at a reasonable fee. From farm to table, learn about how food is grown, picked and cooked. They offer cool guest rooms, a beautiful location, and a fantastic atmosphere. Zimbali's chefs will entertain you while they prepare your meal. It is a 5* experience you cannot miss! They are very smoker friendly, where allowed. 



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