5 Things To Know Before Deciding To Smoke CBD Hemp Flowers

The consumption of CBD products has increased over recent years. It is now considered a mainstream alternative health treatment for many ailments. CBD oils and tinctures have gained much traction with the organic hemp flower now catching up.

Part of the growing appeal has to do with the fact that CBD hemp flowers do not get you high, as ordinary marijuana that contains the THC compound would. The absorption of the compound through smoking is quick and effective, without being addictive.

CBD buds are just as effective as cannabidiol oil in relieving certain health conditions. They can help in achieving pain relief, promote better sleep, and boost appetite. Pain relief and the reduction in inflammation is a response to the impact of endocannabinoid receptor activity with neurotransmitters. Other health conditions that benefit from CBD include:

• Nausea

• Acne

• Epilepsy

• Anxiety

• Depression

• High blood pressure

• Diabetes

• Schizophrenia

• Drug addiction

Many people are however wary of opting to smoke organic hemp flowers. It seems an unhealthy habit when considering the risks already associated with smoking regular nicotine and tobacco products.

There is also fear that it can be just as addictive. In reality, smoking CBD buds can help smokers wean themselves off the habit by giving them the same sensation without the health risks. For those that have yet to take up smoking CBD buds, there are a few facts to get straight.


How to Use?

When it comes to smoking CBD buds, you want just the flowers, not the leaves. Just as with marijuana, smoking leaves can result in a headache. You should source your product from experienced vendors. There are many newcomers in the market that are not very knowledgeable in this growing sector. Those that already have a strong track record are better placed to offer guidance and quality products.

The actual smoking can be done in three different ways.

1. Bong

For the bong, you simply need to place the flower in the container, add some water and heat it. If the smoke is still too harsh, you can add compartments to help filter the smoke some more. Bongs are good for those that want a more purified smoke that will not be harsh on their lungs.


2. Pipe

A pipe requires you to break down the flower first to a powdery state. Add this to the small bowl till densely packed before lighting it. Though easy to carry around than bongs, the smoke is certainly less filtered.


3. Joint

This third option is to roll the hemp flower into a joint to smoke. You can even double the effect by rolling it in hemp paper. Smoking CBD buds this way can give what is known as the entourage effect. This means all the components, even the trace amount of THC, can work together and amplify other properties when combined and consumed this way. Some experts feel this is the best way to experience CBD.


How to Identify Quality CBD Buds?

Not all hemp flowers are the same. Different growers work with different varieties and apply different growing and processing techniques. If you are to sample different flowers from different vendors, you will notice a difference. More so when you compare those that use conventional growing techniques versus those that grow an organic hemp flower. This means they do not make use of pesticides or other chemicals in the growing or processing of the plant and its flowers.


Organic hemp flowers are selectively cultivated for their high CBD content. To avoid being legally classified as marijuana, the flowers must not contain more than 0.3% THC. Stick to brands that adhere to applicable laws by conducting regular testing. Third-party testing is appreciable in ensuring transparency. You can also consider the marketing approach used by the brand. Not just in terms of flashy adverts, but how well they respond to customer complaints/compliments, e-commerce availability, knowledge sharing on their blogs, and their overall shopping experience.



Learning the proper dosage when smoking hemp flowers will be a matter of trial and error. You do not have to worry about getting high here. And it is unlikely for you to end up overdosing on CBD this way nor end up having your cognitive functions impaired. One study even indicated that consuming high levels of CBD may have some beneficial effects. A good starting point for novices is with an amount similar to the amount of tobacco in a single cigarette. You can then begin increasing the amount gradually to get to what is optimal for you. Keep in mind that smoking hemp flowers will have an effect for anywhere between two to six hours. This may require you to smoke at least two to three times a day for a consistent experience. The more regularly you use it, the more it builds up in your system. If used sporadically, it will dissipate more often. When and how much you eat can also have an impact on the metabolism of CBD products.


Is CBD Flower Legal in Your State?

Hemp-derived CBD products are legal federally, but still illegal in some states. However, cannabis-derived CBD products are illegal federally but legal in some states. This means in some places you could get in trouble even for possessing either one. It is important to check the laws in your state versus federal law, while confirming the source of your CBD products as per the packaging label. For those interested in going into the production or distribution end of the business, it is important to consult state authorities and a knowledgeable attorney to determine what is legal.


Growing Method

Organic is best. Growing techniques that eliminate the use of pesticides and other chemicals ensure you get a pure product. Not only does it improve the quality of the product, but it also means you are supporting farmers that are considerate of how their activities affect the environment. Stick to brands that grow their hemp organically and regularly lab test to ensure their THC levels remain below the 0.3% threshold.


There are many health benefits to be derived from CBD products. With smoking becoming more popular, novices can become more enlightened with the information above. It can take time to figure out what smoking method and brand of CBD buds and their dosage will work best for your needs. Ensure the products you buy are legal and test out small amounts at a time to arrive at your optimal choice. Do not worry about operating machinery after smoking CBD. With only trace amounts of THC, you are not at risk of losing functionality, but just to be sure, always check the product for THC levels to be sure.


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