What You Should Know About Mixing Kratom and Cannabis

People are always looking for natural and chemical-free ways to improve their lifestyle and health. The good news is that the rise of alternative supplements and medicine like cannabis and kratom is giving people better options.

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Cannabis and kratom are worlds apart in terms of what they do but what you might not know is that these two plants can go hand-in-hand. That said, please educate yourself on all of the risks vs benefits of kratom. Always consult your medical provider to assess any product you want to ingest into your body.  

Before we move forward, let’s first talk about the two plants, starting with cannabis. Cannabis is a family of plants that has psychoactive and scientifically-proven health benefits. It has been the subject of controversy for decades because of legal matters and lack of research. However, it is more accepted now. Its medical and recreational variants have been legalized in many places around the world, including some United States, Canada, Jamaica and more. 

Kratom is a different plant but it's cut from the same cloth. Like cannabis, WebMD notes that it is being used as a health supplement and as a recreational drug. It is also available in some states, but not across the whole United States. There’s much less spotlight on Kratom but many people still stand behind the plant’s alleged medical benefits.


Mixing Kratom And Cannabis

To begin with, kratom and cannabis should not be mixed with any prescription drugs unless under the guidance of a physician. Keep in mind that some prescription drugs might not react well with either kratom or cannabis, making it potentially dangerous to do so. The biggest difference between the plants and prescription drugs is that both are all-natural. But, while being natural, individuals may react differently, so do not assume it is the right choice for you. 

People have been using both kratom and cannabis if it’s readily available to them. For a longer time, people have been wondering if it’s okay to mix both plants. The short answer is that yes, you can mix kratom and cannabis without worrying about any serious side effects. Keep in mind that both are natural plants and no chemicals are present in them. 

Kratom and cannabis have various strains. For cannabis, some strains have higher THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, which means that these strains provide psychoactive effects or the feeling of being high. It’s also worth noting that this high-THC cannabis is considered the recreational variant.

Some cannabis strains on the other hand have higher CBD or cannabidiol content. CBD is the naturally occurring beneficial compound found in cannabis. Some of its scientifically proven benefits include its ability to treat epilepsy and manage muscle pain in swelling in both animals and humans. There are many strains of both recreational and medical cannabis.

On the other hand, there are three strains of kratom - red vein, white vein, and green vein. You can buy Kratom At Phytoextractum to check how these strains vary. To keep it short, the red vein is known for its sedative and psychoactive effects. White kratom is known for increasing alertness and energy. Green kratom is in the middle ground of these two other variants and it’s often the beginner type for those looking to try the plant.


What Can You Get From Mixing?

Some say that the best way to mix these two is by using cannabis and the red vein variant of kratom. More specifically, it’s best to take a capsule or any form of red vein kratom an hour before you take any form of marijuana. You can take kratom in any way you want to but the most popular way and preferred way is to simply drink it as a tea.

What happens when you mix the two products? You can benefit from the combined benefits of both kratom and cannabis when mixing them. These include pain management, relaxation, mood, and energy boost, as well as its sedation and relaxation properties. If you’re a consumer of both products, then it’s hitting two birds with one stone.

There are no dangerous side effects from cannabis and kratom other than its psychoactive properties. That being said, you don’t have to worry about any serious adverse effects on your health. Still, you can consult with a physician first if you want to try mixing the plants. It’s always best to be guided by a professional for such matters.

As always, it’s better to take these two plants in moderation. Also, keep in mind to always buy from legit resources first so it’s guaranteed that you are getting pure products only.

Kratom and cannabis are two plants that are completely changing the medical world. What’s great is that more studies are being conducted to show that the benefits of these two plants are brought to light even further. Hopefully, we get a full understanding of what kratom and cannabis can do in the future.


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