8 Myths About Vape Flavors

Even though vaping is becoming hugely popular worldwide, it's still a new practice, so many people don't know what to expect. That has led to many different misconceptions and myths about vape liquids.

You can hear all kinds of information about vaping, but what's the truth, and what is not?
Well, if you're tired of listening to all kinds of stories about vaping and e-juices, keep reading, and we'll debunk the top 8 stories going around from one person to another. The best vape flavors are usually said to be safer, but is that the truth? Stick around, and let's find out and you can find your favorite flavors here.


Myth 1 - E-juices Produce Only Water.

Many people who vape like to say that vaping is not dangerous or harmful in any way, and the smoke they exhale is only water vapor. While that may sound logical, it's completely untrue. E-liquids produce aerosols as they turn into gas.

Contrary to popular belief, the vapor produced has absolutely no water in it. The smoke or vapor you exhale is really a chemical called propylene glycol, and it's unhealthy, but it's still unclear exactly how dangerous it is.

Myth 2 - Second-hand "smoke" produced by vaping is very unhealthy.

E-liquids produce vapor without any burning involved. Compared to cigarette smoke with over 7,000 harmful chemicals, 70 of which cause cancer, the vapor produced by e-cigarettes is far less toxic.
There is no proof that second-hand vapor causes any kind of health risk to others. In other words, vaping doesn't cause a health risk for the people around you, so no, don't worry about other people what so over.


Myth 3 - Vaping E-liquids is healthy.

Most people swear that vaping is healthy when compared to smoking. That might be true to some extent, but don't think that vaping is a healthy habit. Inhaling anything other than clean, fresh air is not good for you, no matter how tasty or high-quality the flavor may be.

The truth is that vaping is 95% less harmful than cigarettes, but it's not healthy. Vaping is a good method for passionate smokers to quit smoking, but it won't do you any good if you're not a smoker. So, if you can, forget about vaping altogether.


Myth 4 - E-liquids contain antifreeze.

As we mentioned already, e-juices are made from propylene glycol. It's true that this chemical is found in antifreeze, but not for the reason people think. It's added to antifreeze to make it less dangerous if swallowed.

The green antifreeze uses a different chemical called ethylene glycol, which is much more dangerous. Both the FDA and the EU recognize propylene glycol (PG) as a safe substance unable to cause health complications.

The PG used in e-liquids is a food-grade substance widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The other compound found in all e-liquids is VG or vegetable glycerin, which is also used in drug manufacturing, especially cough syrups.


Myth 5 - E-juice flavorings are very unsafe.

E-cigarettes were finally put under FDA's control in mid-2015. E-cigarettes are still considered tobacco products, with full limitations imposed in 2018. One of the biggest issues the FDA has with e-juices is if they are safe for consumption or not.

After detailed testing that took more than two years, the FDA has concluded that diacetyl is the only ingredient that could cause health issues. It's a chemical used as a flavoring and can cause a disease called popcorn lung.

Even so, there's no real proof that small amounts of this chemical lead to lung diseases. The only people who have problems because of it are factory workers who breathe in large doses of the chemical.



Myth 6 - Vaping is terrible for the environment.

There may be some things vaping is not suitable for, but the environment isn't one of them. Not only is vaping not bad for the world around you, but it's also good compared to smoking. Almost all of the parts in every vaporizer or e-cigarette is made from recyclable materials, and there are no cigarette buds you leave behind. That means that the people who vape don't cause any problems for the environment.


Myth 7 - E-liquids are harmful because they have nicotine.

This is another myth that's just funny when you think about it. Today's market has thousands of different e-liquids to offer a wide variety of nicotine levels. Many of them have no nicotine at all, which means that you can vape without intaking any nicotine whatsoever.
And besides, nicotine is not that harmful as a substance. It does lead to addiction, and it's generally not good for you, but it's far less dangerous than many other substances found in cigarettes. As such, it's considered relatively safe.


Myth 8 - Expensive E-liquids are safer than cheap ones.

Expensive e-juices usually provide a richer flavor and last longer. However, most of them are made using the same chemicals as the cheaper ones, so there's no real difference between them. With that said, you should know that cheap e-liquids often don't provide the exact list of ingredients, so it's better to stick with the ones that do.

As vaping takes the world by storm, many self-proclaimed health experts say how it's as dangerous as smoking and how it leads to serious lung diseases. Indeed, vaping isn't 100% healthy, but it's much less harmful than smoking, and most e-liquids are made from food-grade ingredients that don't lead to serious diseases. Since there is not enough proof right now, we can just say that time will tell.


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