The Do's and Don'ts of buying cannabis in Jamaica

Cannabis in Jamaica has definitely come a long way in the past couple years. After years of being legally outlawed, and only tolerated for use for religious purposes, it has now been decriminalized.


Like with any product, you still want to be diligent before you purchase. Do your reasearch, ask questions, and visit only reputable shops, like the ones recommended by Smokers Guide. Starting in 2018, Jamaica has been issuing licenses for legally operated medical marijuana dispensaries. 


The first two that have opened their doors were Kaya Herb House and Epican Jamaica.

At the end of 2018, Jamaica had four medical ganja dispensaries, with many more to come, as they await their licenses. Visit their Smokers Guide profiles below to read and write reviews about patient/client experiences. You can also upload your own pictures. 


If you are visiting the Montego Bay area you will find Island Strains Herb House. A medical cannabis dispensary, with plenty of options. They have a nurse on staff that can get you registered with the Jamaican Medical cannabis program for 6 months, if you don’t already have a current medical cannabis recommendation from your state or country of origin.


If you decide to go the "street route" here in Jamaica, there are a few simple rules of thumb to follow:

1. Avoid purchasing prerolled joints from street vendors as you really don’t know the quality of what’s inside or what’s really inside

2. If the vendor is not willing to show you the product prior to purchase do not purchase

3. Inspect the flower before purchase; look for seeds, powder mildew, mold, bugs, hair, does it smell like wet hay? If so it’s a NO

4. Inspect the Hash before you purchase; look for plant matter, hair or other foreign particles

5. Just because they say they grow the best doesn’t deem it true

6. Ask how the cannabis flower is flushed and cured

7. Concentrates are not yet a fully excepted form of cannabis medication in Jamaica 

8. Most concentrates available on the beaches or streets of Jamaica are not made in labs and are currently a food grade level at best 

9. Edibles are available as well from street or beach vendors however as of now they are still technically not an acceptable form of cannabis medication in Jamaica

10. With edibles, buyer beware as the ingredients are difficult to confirm without proper testing, and the cooking process is usually homemade, atr best.

11. Don’t let the vendor pressure you into a purchase if you don’t like the product; there is usually another another guy with "the best ganja in town" waiting a few steps away.

Please be advised that not all accommodations in Jamaica are cannabis friendly, we suggest that you check your hotel or resort policies about cannabis consumption on premises prior to your arrival.

Check back here for a list of cannabis friendly resorts and cannabis health & wellness retreat centres in Jamaica.

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