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The Smokers Guide To Amsterdam book has been a top seller for years! Our latest edition is heavily packed with information for anyone interested in the Amsterdam coffeeshop, smartshop and homegrow culture. You will also find tips on coffeeshop etiquette, local laws, hotels and good things to eat!


Smokers Guide Books


In the 1990s, Smokers Guide began as a printed guide book for cannabis tourists headed to the "marijuana mecca" of Amsterdam (and later Spain). Most visitors were entirely ignorant to the pros/cons of cannabis and they needed to be educated to ensure the future of decriminalized cannabis in areas of Europe.

Over 25 editions later, these humorous, informative and educational books have been translated in 5 major languages and over a million hard copies have been sold to date. Books now include Europe, Canada and the Caribbean, and more under production.





The original website launched in 1997 and broke cannabis content milestones with the first modern cannabis reviews (Bushdoc Weed & Hash Reviews) and a grading system for various weed and hash samples found around the world. The site featured one of the first online cannabis message boards that had one of the most thought provoking and informative dialogues... in the prehistoric days prior to Facebook. Our Ultimate Coffeeshop Guide site hosted a popular cannabis forum, where canna friendly people met, made friends, debated and argued, over all things cannabis.   

Today, Smokers Guide still creates books, but has included new multimedia and become a global platform about all things cannabis: laws, medical applications, breakthroughs, brands, dispensaries, coffeeshops, collectives, producers and the GOOD GUYS in the Cannabiz.

The Smokers Guide Team excels in educating, entertaining, and guiding newbies interested in cannabis. In addition, we take pride in stimulating the ol' pros who have seen it all; they feel at home in our community based on the real freedom fighters who paid the price to end cannabis prohibition.


The site is divided into 10 relevant sections, and you can make a location choice on the top of the page:


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