Amsterdam Celebrates Cannabis on Cannabis Liberation Day 2014 (Cannabis Bevrijdingsdag)

Thousands gathered in Amsterdam's Flevopark to protest prohibition and openly celebrate cannabis at this years Cannabis Liberation Day (Cannabis Bevrijdingsdag), held on Sunday 15 June 2014. This was the events sixth year, and each year it seems to grow larger.


Cannabis Liberation Day (Cannabis Bevrijdingsdag) is the biggest cannabis event in the Netherlands!



Unlike many related events, Cannabis Liberation Day (Cannabis Bevrijdingsdag) is a free festival , open to all members of the public. Many people of all ages were there, from families to kids to teenagers to old hippies - representing one big truth; there is no one type of person that uses cannabis. There was a full program of expert speakers and live music from international artists. Including the two you'll see in our video above; Harry Mo & Band, from the Virgin Islands, and Reazun, from the Netherlands.

As well as music, speeches and the general good atmosphere you always find at these events, there was a Cannabis Film Festival, which featured a range of cannabis related films and documentaries. Many of the best cannabis and hemp related businesses were also at Cannabis Liberation Day, forming the Hemp Market; a great chance to not only buy but also talk to and learn from the experts.


And of course a lot of smoking and vaporizing, including this public Volcano Vaporizer session at the Cannabis College's booth:



Cannabis Liberation Day (Cannabis Bevrijdingsdag) is was organized by the VOC (Verbond voor Opheffing van het Cannabisverbod). This years event was sponsored by Dutch Passion, Soft Secrets, PCN, Othala, Azurius, and Sensi Seeds.

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