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White Dolphins

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White Dolphins
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Dolphins (The)

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Jun 7, 2006


Bio, "White" strain, mainly Sativa.


This weed is quite "mean looking". It almost says, "don't mess with me� I am gonna hammer your head into the ground!" :) As you examine its powder covered surface, you notice that all the glands are perfectly ripe and ready to be heated up for release. The density of the buds are not too rocky but not too loose either. Quite fit actually. Check out the pic on your screen and you can also see that this is HARDCORE.


The smell is nearly sugary, with a light "toasted sesame seed" scent. This has a really nice and earthy/skunky smell that makes your senses wake up in a healthy way! As it burns the room fills with a heavy dank scent.


The flavour is only a temporary thing cos this gear makes you HACK! The taste is very potent with the amount of crystals that are delivered in every hit.


This bud makes you smile. No paranoia here, just rollin� baby! It comes over your system like a wave of euphoria. Real light and easy with no doubt that you are gonna be tweakin�! If you smoke too much of this gear before bed, it edges off semi- heavy with a nice pillow a good friend indeed.


With so many Haze's and S.E. Asian Sativas on the market, this is good to see. The crew at the Dolphins always pick the solid performers to keep their customers happy and this is no exception: this stuff is all-smiles. :) :o

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Dolphins (The)

Kerkstraat 39
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