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Royal Dolphin

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Royal Dolphin
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Dolphins (The)

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Oct 10, 2001




Very soft and pliable. Like a fresh-baked sponge cake. The hash looks pure and unadulterated. Flawless consistency throughout the sample.


A prototypical fine polm scent. Rich, flowery and a bit of chocolate mint thrown in the background. A smell like this gets my mouth watering... Yum!


Slightly perfumed like a potpourri of fine flowers. Leaves a luxurious butter-pecan aftertaste. Well rounded and full bodied, like a fine Zinfandel or Cabernet Sauvignon. I chose a Zin with this joint, and it went perfectly.


A very soft high and relaxing mental state takes control. The back of the eyes feel like they are fluttering: Butterfly Eye High is what I call it! This buzz keeps you alert and chatty.


I really liked this hash. It's a well-rounded resin with a perfect flavour. Not too heavy, more of a "working high" which means I am still able to function. This is a great dinner-party hash; your guests will remark on the superb flava and then they will have a giggly, exciting (if you're lucky) night...

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Dolphins (The)

Kerkstraat 39
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