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Royal Dolphin

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Royal Dolphin
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Dolphins (The)

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Nov 18, 2002


Katm Mountain Range, Northern Morocco.


Dark and with a shiny exterior, this seems to be pressed a lot firmer than previous Royal Dolphins I've seen. Gone is the structured layers of daze past; now it's more of a solid Fudgy Rock, more or less. This makes for a real effort in preparing this gear for "spliffage". It's best to keep the bag in your pocket to soften it up, and even then you may need a bit o'flame!


Sweet, cocoa-mint tea. For fans of true Marok Polm, this is delicious. It just makes your nose really happy, knowing that the fine scents of sun dried cannabis resin will be lit up soon.


The flav is (as usual with the Dolphins), Top Notch. It coats your throat and makes a really nice minty impression. You can hardly taste the tobacco (i've yet to toke in a pipe) and the hits are smooth and soft for such an oily sample. I had a Bailey's on ice after dinner and smoked a fat spliff. Perfect harmony.


The stoned effect is rather subdued but in my case, very welcome. I like to just chill out, let my heart rate soften a bit and relax. Unlike many of the stronger weeds and hashes which just overpower you, this polm really lets you sit back and enjoy the feeling. This is important to do from time to time.


Again, one of the finest polms i've smoked this year. Great flav, smell, burn and FX. Take care to give this one a good test when you are NOT stoned on weed so you can really see how quality and unique fine polms like this can be!

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Dolphins (The)

Kerkstraat 39
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