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Little Special

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Little Special
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Nov 11, 2004


Moroccan, the equivalent of super polm.


Seems powdery and dry (see photo) but it breaks up really soft and almost squidgy. What's goin on here?!? This fact alone, proves to be very appealing to even the most pro smokers like me; there is a LOT of oil content here...


There is a luxurious and rich fragrance when you burn this in a fat spliff. It is fresh and really powerful.


Considering how oily this hash is, it actually goes down quite smooth; your throat is slightly numbed, but not "drippy" like some darker hashes. I enjoyed this with a warm chocomel (Hot Chocolate) with cream� yummy.


Best described as "floating", this is another one of my Magic Carpet Ride sessions, where I just kick back and let the FX just cruise me round. I love the non-paranoia and general feelings of calm that you get with this one�


Good source for this gear, no doubt. The Little is currently undergoing some renovations to make it even more cozy; make sure you give it a try if you find yourself on the way to the Heineken Museum or the Albert Cuyp market. Little Special is more than a "little special"! (couldn't resist!) It will leave you in a "chill zone".

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