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Top Thai Weed
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Oct 6, 2005


Thailand - 4gr for €10


It is darker green, slightly brown weed with long narrow sword shaped leaves. It is pressed fairly flat (unlike the infamous "Buddha Thai" which is often cylinder shaped). Overall it looks "clean" for an outdoor: Very few seeds and stems and really no sign of dirt or other contaminants usually found when weed is grown and dried outdoors. Best of all, as you break it up you realise how well cured this is; not too dry or too moist. You can see tiny crystals finely covering the interior.


The smell is very light; an earthy-spice is released when you break it up. When it burns it smells even more so� I really enjoyed the softer scented smoke that floated around the room; a nice change from pungent Haze or perfumed Polms.


After the first few puffs I was pleasantly surprised that the taste was smooth and mild. Usually "standard Thai" is a bit "icky" on the tongue but that is not the case here. This is a great weed to roll in large Bob Marley cones. Slow burnin...


The feelings of a very mild high come over you quite suddenly! It "rushes" toward you like a wave crashing overhead but then slows down and gets you "gently wet". No sign of para-stonia here. Now this is a much more subtle type of high than a Haze for instance, mainly because it does not make me feel anxious. (Some people feel paranoia but I have a more uneasy, anxiety with some sort of weeds.) This seems good for FTT - first time tokers.


In my long-lost search for great Thai's, this one is right up there. It's NOT Chocolate or the dark green Buddha; it IS "standard Thai", that is anything but standard! For the price, it's certainly worth a trip out to coffeeshop The Little� on your way to the Heineken Museum perhaps?

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