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White Pearl Haze

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White Pearl Haze
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Jul 22, 2003


The name says it all� Bio.


Oh yes, this is a specimen! Squat, yet cone-shaped weed, light green, with a few crystal covered darker leaves left on after the tight manicure. The overall colour varies from dark to light. It's extremely crystal covered and really dense in structure. Looking really good!


This is unique; it smells sweet and flowery, and sugar-minty like a white variety but it also carries a bit of the medicine scent inna typical haze style; when it gets ground up, you can really make it out its heritage in that familiar Hospital Haze smell of medicine, cleaning products and gauze bandages!


Really sweet and fresh in the vapouriser. Delicious. It vapourised well, and that is unusual for Hazes in my opinion. The flava is a bit strange, much like the smell; this bud seems to go from one end to the other in many ways. Sugary-minty at times, chemical-spice at others�


FX are strong, fast and very visual! I toked some of this in the Vondel Park and was completely tripped out by the sun's rays as they pierced through the rolling clouds overhead. It was like watching a computer animation, until you realise you are just high on Mother Nature!


This is a very special Haze hybrid. For Canna-sseurs of the "tangy haze"; this blend will leave you very pleased �cos of its subtle Pearl heritage. It's definitely worth it to seek this one out; just mind your stoney head on the way out of the Little! Yes-I�.

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