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Sep 21, 2004


Originally from a Shiva strain crossed with???? Hydro.


Almost entirely white! Darker green somewhere to be found in there! (There is a yellowish tone that you also often find in Shiva strains.) Medium length hairs aren't easily seen due to the heavy powdering of crystals. This said; it still breaks up pretty easily, leaving some sort of "Gold Dust" behind.


Flowery and sugary, like a honey-eucalyptus throat lozenge. As it is ground up, it's still really fresh without being too "green" smelling at all. You can tell the cure is good here, just from the scent alone.


Sweet� for about two seconds until you can't handle the expansion as your lungs burn to attempt air-flow control. Keep some ICY cool drinks at hand when you have a Brainstorm session!


You get SO stoned from this. A stupid, dopey, baked-brain feeling that really just hits you hard and keeps you almost "locked up" within yourself. This is really an herb that should be smoked when you really wanna "get away" and immerse in a meditative world.


If you were thinking you could be creative on this gear as the name may imply, guess again!! You feel like a cloud descends over your head and you are walking around in a daze�.

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