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Soft Temple

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Oct 10, 2001


PP crossed with Jack Herer.


Very, very, very nice! This is a Ballerina Bud. Graceful and elegant. This gear would have been dark green if it weren't so fuzzy yellow from crystal powder. Disney-style hairs just reaching out at ya. This stuff is making me smile, err drool?.


Typical Haze scent with a medicinal pine scent going on here. Of special note here is the exceptionally "lightly fruited" initial burst on the break.


This is exactly as it smells: "Ziekenhuis" (Hospital) or better yet SickHouse baby! No cottonmouth here, but mmhhh Haribo gummi bears went really well with this flava after a fat joint.


Certainly wow! Visual-type flash, I write faster en fasta? Ohhh this is a spacey, ethereal, surreal, unreal, no feel - in
my legs, be - low,
uh-oh, my jewels, get up stand up, don't pass out tonight!


BushDoc Party Poetry? Must be the Brainstorm's trippy tempest -- so SO wicked! Very. This is not to be missed in 2002!

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