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White Melon

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White Melon
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Oct 10, 2001


Ummmm, not sure!


Small buds. At first sight these things look like Philosopher Stones Mushrooms (see our Smart Drugs section) Besides that, they go from light to darker green with a very thin yet equal covering of dust. If you look closely at the slightly enlarged photo at right you'll see the crystals that fell off during the "shoot".


Soft and sweet. It breaks to a light menthol and has bits of wild oats and hay tucked away...


If you are lookin' for a melon-rush, guess again! The taste isn't super spectacular but this is really not a factor because as you are still searching for words to describe the flav, the FX set in:


Great high! Very spacey and stoney. A nice combo to make you feel like you are a Chemical Bro. Luckily no need for that, as Mom Nature is responsible for this gear! You bounce around on rubber legs and feel much more stupid than you normally are!


This stuff is good. Simple as that. The high really makes ya feel out of it which can be good on some (OK, many) occasions! I'd select this when you wanna play Rain Man at the next party!!!

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