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Honey Hash

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Honey Hash
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Jul 9, 2003


Moroccan Super Polm


Fairly hard and solid, but it breaks up almost like clay. The picture shows it almost looking like a rock but it's not really like that. When you split it, you can see the nice layered structure. Lookin� good so far� It breaks up nice and soft, easy to prepare.


The smell is soft, perfumed and sweet. It really gives off a fine scent when burned and the whole room fills with a heavy smoke. It is thick and blueish in colour.


The taste is classic polm; the "honey" sweetness was so tempting, I decided to drop a half gram into my warm chocomel and cream. I stirred it in with a spoon and drank it down. Taste sensation! The Noon should market it like that! A superb flava and a soft choco-honey flav left behind. Yum.


A nice mellow buzz comes over you; you are thrown into a chill mode. When my "chocolate breakfast" settled in, I began to feel really dopey and flattened. The FX lasted for quite awhile when eaten (or drank).


This is a great hash for relaxing, and the flav and taste make for a perfect addition to a chocolate drink of some sort; just choose your favourite and start grinding! Sweet as honey.

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