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Cape Horn
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Oct 10, 2001


Mainly sativa, Haze cross.


Darker green with uneven and light coverage of yellow crystals. Thin lil' finger-size nuggets. Dark reddish-brown hairs. Everything is "miniature and drawn in" on these samples. A wee bit overcured or it's possible I left the bag open!!! As it breaks up to powder, it exposes it's lovely yellow-gold interior.


Typical Haze-Hospital-Housekeeping smell! Bits of wildflower or cactus in there. I can't place it exactly. (Been a city boy for too long now!) Anyway, this smells great; even for those (like my girlie) who normally thinks Haze strains stink awfully!


This is unique. A bit of that "cleaning product" flav begins but is quickly overpowered by a super flowery rush with an almost polm-like taste. It finishes with a butter-toffee candy. Tremendous.


This is a very "twitchy" high. You really can't sit still. The high just rolls on and on... There are strong visuals but no unloved motion-sickness that normally comes with the flashes goin on in your peripheral vision. It lasts for around 2 hours and you softly return to ground level. Smooth.


This is a fantastic strain. Upon first look, I must admit I thought'd it be kinda weak or "old" bud but I was WRONG. This stuff was NICE and unique for an ol' toker like me. It's a great high for beginners because the lack of "motion blur" is good for those who may get sick from smoking. Not much paranoia from such a mental bud also. Nice entry for The Noon!

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Noon (the)

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