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Blueberry Haze

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Blueberry Haze
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Jul 22, 2005


Indica/Sativa Hybrid.


Super thick buds, formed like hard little rocks. Man, these nuggets are fat! Look at the picture; it even looks good on your computer screen, huh!?! Tiny little leaves well-cured and pressed together in a perfect manner. Light green with HEAPS of crystals. "My God, this is gonna be good"


Classic Haze scent, it smells like fresh wildflowers as you begin to break it up. YUM! Very simply, it is sweet, fresh and classic. When burned, a "musty" and spicy-citral scent fills the room.


The flavour is incredibly strong; we took some "dry-hits" off a small joint and barely could wait then, it was lit up AND VOILA! The room was filled with a sweet, nectar-like smoke. The people across the table knew we had bought some top-qual gear and asked us which it was from the menu "Blueberry Haze I told em it's as sweet as its name!" As the joint burned down, it went smooth as could be hoped; delicious and easy on the throat and lungs.


A relaxed feeling immediately came that felt like I was drifting down a slow-moving river on a giant soft mattress� it's warm, the breeze is just right and there are scents of jasmine floating through the air. Then suddenly, your lovely little river journey hits some serious rapids your peripheral vision gets all warped and you really feel what I can only describe as gravity-trip hit me as things around me were swirling in movement. WOW!


This weed is one of my all-around fav's so far; it's got all the qualities you look for in a strong summer haze. I was feeling really tweaked, but not sleepy in any way. Very trippy, this one is psychedelic in many ways. Certainly worth a visit to The Noon before a stumble over to the Rijksmuseum

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Noon (the)

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