Tobacco Alternatives: Greengo Review

Over the last few years, a growing number of our readers who have visited Amsterdam's coffeeshops asked us what “those little jars or bowls filled with tea leaves on the counters are?!?” No it is NOT potpourri, nor is it incense or special weight-loss tea... What you are encountering are tobacco-alternatives!


Most people from the U.S. will think it’s crazy, but most Europeans have always used tobacco to smoke their gear! Even in this day and age of information and warnings of the health hazards, old habits die hard and many people who don’t even smoke cigarettes, do indeed still choose to skin up with tobacco! Ever since the tobacco smoking ban began, people are “officially” not allowed to smoke a tobacco-mixed joint anywhere indoors, apart from a specifically designated area called a Smoking Room within a coffeeshop or smoker-friendly bar. Known to some as a “walk-in ashtray”, as a non-cigarette smoker, you may experience some serious second-hand tobacco highs!


If you are not addicted to tobacco (good for you!), you may smoke freely in a coffeeshop, in a pure form, in a paper or through a bong, pipe or vapouriser. But, many people find it difficult to smoke a pure “J” as they simply cannot handle the intensity of the flavour, or they think that they will smoke many more joints and waste their gear and money. Others will just smoke the whole thing at once and get too baked to walk! ;-)


So what to do to still get yourself high without adding tobacco or smoking it pure? A few companies have done their best to come out with some great substitutes! They are usually mixes of herbs, barks, roots and even flowers. From rose petals to mint and tea leaves, these mixtures often contain a blend of several ingredients. Some contain ingredients that aren’t very good for you, occasionally even worse than tobacco itself! The many choices means that there are many bad products among the quality ones.


After testing most of the products available on the market, we found GreenGo to be one of the smoothest and best tasting of them all. This blend consists of papaya, eucalyptus, hazel leaf and mint. Even though this product is not completely harmless (just as tobacco, it also has health warnings on the packaging), it is not addictive, it does not contain any nicotine and it contains much less tar than tobacco. GreenGo consists of small pieces which are very easy to roll into a joint, unlike other  products on the market. Perhaps most importantly to some, the flav isn’t so strong that it detracts from the gear itself!



If you have just managed to quit tobacco, this may be a great solution for you. Most coffeeshops and even a few bars have some tobacco substitutes available for their customers on the counter but the quality may vary per shop and it will probably be difficult to find out what they are exactly made of… If you decide to give tobacco substitutes a chance, make sure you research the pros & cons and seek out a reputable, quality supplier. Know what you smoke...


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