Emerald Cup VIP Loungin'

The Emerald Cup has always brought the finest people from the cannabis industry together, and the VIP's come out in droves! This year, the Emerald Pass was available to the public for purchase and included perks like VIP parking, expedited entrance, goody bags and access to the VIP tent located in the heart of the fairgrounds.


With all of the hustle, bustle and high of the Emerald Cup expo blazing outside, there are times when a change of pace is a welcome relief. Walking into the VIP tent, a.k.a. the Emerald Pass Lounge was like visiting an oasis of stoney bliss!


Apart from the requisite free snacks and drinks, there was a stand from Willie Nelson's company called Willie's Reserve, serving up delicious whole bean coffee infused with CBD called Willie's Remedy. Belly filled with a nutritious cuppa, it was time to roll up a fatty of the herb we got from the LitHouse out of Mendocino County. A sample of their Daytime Dosi was the choice for it's functional high and nice special Emerald Cup price of $20 per 1/8th (3.5 grams for our Euro buds:)


As we built up a nice solid joint, a flash of sparkly green glass caught my attention in the corner of the tent.... was I high or was that a crocodile exhaling a huge dab through its mouth???


Crocodichro in the house! Oh yes, a VIG (very important glass) in the VIP.... thanks to our buddy CC from Nova Dispensary in Mesa Arizona, we were all afforded the opportunity to dab out of his incredible work of art from Oregon's famed Buck Glass and Darby Holm. Our buds T&J from Carve Denver were in the house; T looked across the room and proclaimed "oh fuck, that's that Buck!!!" lol   She was nearly stumbling in awe as she searched for her hubby J, so that he could come look.


By the time he showed up, the very sharing CC of Nova invited everyone to sit down and toke up. T&J brought some lovely fragrant and fresh craft rosin to bubble up. We croco-dabbed and it hit like a champ. Sometimes these works of art should remain on the shelf but this baby was blown to burn!


As we chilled and chatted, our crew from Jamaica rolled in. Chris & Maria Gordon, owners of Island Strains, what I consider The World's Most Beautiful Dispensary in Montego Bay were in town visiting. They saw us sitting around this gorgeous piece of glass and made a beeline straight to our table to give it a go. Needless to say, they were both impressed. :)


The mix of people who held an Emerald Pass was well rounded, ranging from industry VIP's to fans and true aficionados of cannabis.  The atmosphere was relaxed, friendly and condusive to collaboration and linking up. For those there on biz, there were very helpful ports for charging nearly every sort of device and for those who were lounging, soft couches and and relaxed chairs were available.


Overall, the Emerald Lounge was everything we were looking for in a VIP experience in the Emerald Cup. We could have stayed for longer than the hour we did, but it was time to go back out to the expo, to learn, toke and learn some more!


First stop... our bro's at Str8organics, Frosty's & Pacific Dub. (more to follow soon...)