Patients at Parliament - UK Medical Cannabis Protest

British Labour Party MP speaks out about UK's medical cannabis laws and and calls for patients to break the law!

Paul Flynn, Member of Parliament (MP) for Newport West in Wales since 1987, made the call for cannabis civil disobedience recently in the UK Houses of Parliament. Speaking about medical cannabis user and campaigner Elizabeth Brice aka Claire Hodges, a TV producer and translator who suffered from serve MS, he admitted “collaborating” to supply Elizabeth with a cup of hot water so she could make cannabis tea, asking if they had should be imprisoned for doing so. He questioned why the UK had not changed its cannabis laws like many countries had. He called on people to come to parliament and consume cannabis openly in protest:

“I know we’re not supposed to do this…but I would call on people to break the law! To come here, and use cannabis here and see what happens...challenge the government, the authorities, to arrest them and take them in. That’s the only way it’ll get through the...mind of the government which is set in concrete. The whole law is evidence free and prejudice rich!” - Paul Flynn MP


This has evoked many cannabis activists, including the United Patients Alliance, to accept this invite and to plan for a peaceful act of civil disobedience; cannabis consumption, outside Westminster, the UK parliament building, this October 10th. Paul Flynn will raise a Ten Minute Rule motion (which allows MPS to talk for up to ten minutes about the need for a bill) calling for the legalisation of cannabis for medicinal purposes, while the UPA and other cannabis campaigners gather outside parliament for an of very civil disobedience, a cannabis tea party. This is an important chance for all supporters, patients and activists to come together and show the demand for change in the law, as well as to share the true story of medical cannabis; one of benefitting from cannabis and suffering from the law.

We spoke to Clark French from the United Patients Alliance, "The United Patients Alliance is pleased to be working with Paul Flynn MP on this very momentous protest. For too long sick people who choose cannabinoids to help their conditions have been marginalised, stigmatised and even criminalised. We Welcome the protest and urge MPs to listen to the patients and support Paul Flynn's medical cannabis access Bill! Cannabis is medicine for thousands of people in the United Kingdom, it’s about time that was recognised."


Visit the Smokers Guide event listing for Patients at Parliament for more info, or visit the facebook events page