Our Amsterdam Coffeeshop System Works

Many people feel that Amsterdam is 'anything goes'... and to be honest, as long as you are not hurting anyone else, it pretty much is. But lately it seems our government is concerned with us hurting ourselves!

While we applaud moves to reduce harmful tobacco smoke, we ask how anyone could claim cannabis use is as bad. Why must our (proven) tolerant system be reversed?

Our Dutch style of proper education does the job that government and their clearly  unenforceable laws have never successfully accomplished! Our cannabis use is below that of the UK, France and the USA. So as an honest and peaceful adult, why does any government have the right to tell me what I can or can’t put inside my own body?

This world has so many problems; what does an anticannabis stand do for society? Ask  yourself... have you ever seen someone become violent from weed? Have you ever heard of a cannabis overdose or a purely cannabis-related illness? Aside from the actual “smoking” of the plant (which can be replaced by vapourisation and edibles), is there any other PROVEN  negative health impact? In comparison with alcohol and tobacco which are accepted by society, cannabis use has never been verified to be as harmful as either.

From choosing to join an army to fight a pointless war, to poorly parenting a child, free citizens are allowed to make choices for THEMSELVES and often are not even monitored in the process. So why do governments feel they can “save society” by attacking cannabis? Hmmm.

We started the Smokers Guide almost 20 years ago from personal experience: Working with locals and visitors we found that most were completely uninformed about the tolerant system here in Amsterdam. It endangered them. Many had misconceptions about the legality of all drugs and the important difference between hard drugs (dangerous stuff like cocaine & heroine) versus soft drugs like cannabis and smart drugs which are 100% natural and still never proven to be physically addictive. Still, in claiming that cannabis harms society, the conservatives are having their way: the rules are becoming less tolerant and people’s liberties are being questioned more regularly with “random search checkpoints” and stronger penalties for “law”breakers.

Our Message To Governments Who Disapprove Of Us: Please consider tolerance and education as an alternative to jail sentences. Monitor the use of soft drugs to ensure the safety and quality of the products and to stop kids from experimenting. Soft drug use is as old as mankind. It is global. You can try and stop little Holland’s progressive system with pressure and threats but IT WON’T STOP YOUR PROBLEMS AT HOME!