Having Problems With Getting Rid Of Marijuana Smell? Try These Tips

Even with the fact that weed is legalized in a lot of places, people still opt for smoking in the comforts of their home rather than anywhere else. As comfy and fine as this sounds, it can still cause a bit of trouble - since you are in fact smoking inside!

The smell of marijuana is pretty strong and it’s bound to stick to surfaces and stay in the air for a while. So if you are having problems with getting rid of the marijuana smell, here are some solutions you can try out!


Naturally, filter the space

Probably one of the easiest ways you can get rid of the smell first starts by emptying your ashtray or bong water so there are no ways for more smell to accumulate in the room. The next step should be opening up all windows and possibly making an air draft. Replacing the stiff and smelly air with a clean fresh one is always the best pick, but in some cases, this kind of air filtration certainly won’t work! Most types of weed indeed leave a strong smell that can vary from type to type, so some can be stronger and some weaker, influencing how fast the smell disappears. Also, it’s a small space with only one window. This can be a bit trickier, but keeping it opened for a while can do the trick! Avoid smoking in rooms with heavy curtains and a lot of fabrics, as they will hold on to the smell for longer. 


Candles and incense

If you are dealing with an aftermath of a smoke session, you cleared out the air but there is still a bit of a smell lingering around? Making it with fruity incense can do just the trick! There are so many good candles you can find, if you like more feminine tones or more masculine tones, there is something for everyone. But before you light that incense stick or a candle, you should filter out the air beforehand, to get rid of the initial marijuana smell the best that you can, and so the smell of the incense can be way stronger! Beware that there may be some harmful ingredients in some electric plug-ins that release cover up smells, so you may want to look into essential oil diffusers as well. 


Using something heavy duty

If you can’t open up your windows and clearing out the air doesn't do much, you can always opt for the more heavy-duty option by getting an air purifier! This is a great way to instantly get rid of the smoke and not let it accumulate in the space, causing the smell to seep into your furniture and clothes! A regular air purifier is better than nothing, but there are also options like WeDank air purifier that’s specifically for marijuana smoke. Getting a device like this is crucial if you are living with people or family that doesn't smoke, you can enjoy it in every room without making people uncomfortable because of the smell!


Air freshener

If you are not a fan of extremely smelly and perfumy candles and incense sticks, something like a plug-in air freshener can do the job just fine. This is also for those people who don’t like the thought of flame and fire, especially after a smoking session, you might want to take a nap - and everyone knows that sleeping with burning candles is bad! So this is a low-effort way to try to at least mask the smell of marijuana a little bit so other people in the home don’t notice it as much!


Use Febreze

Another low-effort kind of move, if you need a quick fix, masking weed smell with a few pumps of Febreze might help! It’s probably not the healthiest option, especially in the long run, but in extreme cases when you can't open windows and filter the air regularly, this works just fine! If anything, you should spray it on your furniture, especially if you are smoking in the living room or bedroom, places with a lot of materials that can absorb the smell easier, like cushions and blankets, so keep that in mind!


Switch to a vape pen

Even if you use a vape pen, you are still technically smoking so you won’t permanently resolve your smoke problems, but you can reduce them by doing so! This can change your habits a little bit, and also buying a vape pen is an investment if you want to get the best kind - and you should, especially if you intend to use it regularly every day! Sure, it’s a little bit of work, getting used to it, making sure that the batteries are good, and so on, but the benefits are certainly there! A good vape pen works the same magic as a blunt or a bong - but minus the unnecessary smell! So it’s definitely a win-win situation!



If you want an organic quick fix, getting rid of the weed smell with cooking is the best idea! Let’s face it, you’ll probably be hungry anyway, so this will be killing two birds with one stone! Processed foods and anything that’s fried can definitely fill the whole room and mask the smell of weed, but the most efficient thing is probably making popcorn! It’s because they have a strong burnt-like smell when you make them, perfect for covering up smoke! You can make anything you want basically, food is your savior so be creative! If you are in the mood for baking, whip up some brownies and cinnamon rolls - both deliver mouth watering aromas. 


Change your habits

Ever wanted to switch things up and use edibles instead of smoking? Sure, it’s definitely not the same thing, but if the smell is really bothering you or the people around you, maybe you should consider other alternatives that can work when you simply can’t smoke in your home! It can be a lot to get used to, but it’s certainly worth a shot, try it out and see if it works - if not you can always go back to smoking and filtering the air all over again, or just smoke outside if you can! If you choose to make your own edibles, remember that making canna butter, or even cooking with it, will also present a strong smell of cannabis, so don't forget to air out as you cook. Click here for an amazing recipe for Cannabis wreaths made with rice crispy treats and marshmallows - the perfect treat for the holidays.  

At the end of the day, some people just dislike the smell of marijuana, and that’s perfectly fine! Thankfully there are a lot of ways to get rid of it or to at least mask it so other people might not notice its strong smell. It’s best to try multiple methods, you can even mix and match them and see what works best for your space!


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