5 Tips For Properly Storing Your Vape Hardware

Vaping is one of the best activities to engage in for recreation. As a vaping enthusiast, you want to ensure that you enjoy every bit of the moment. That’s why you use advanced vape hardware and premium e-juice.


If you treasure vaping, then you know you should always clean the device and replace damaged parts. Something that most users often overlook, yet is essential, is ensuring your vaping gear is appropriately stored. Keeping gear safe extends their lifespan and maintains its functionality.


So, how should you store your vape hardware? Well, that’s exactly what this guide is all about. Read on to learn more.


Essential Parts of Vape Hardware

To understand how to store your vape tools properly, you must first understand what consists of vape hardware. It’s the care and proper storage of each of these parts that guarantee improved functionality and efficiency in your vaping device.


● Batteries

Batteries power the vaping vaporizer. The energy converts the e-liquid to vapor. While some devices have built-in batteries that are irreplaceable, others come with replaceable batteries.


● E-liquid

E-liquid offers sweet flavors, and it’s the liquid that makes vaping possible. However, not all e-liquids are the same. Make sure to get lab-tested, potent vape juices of 2020 from a trusted source for the best experience.


● Coils

The coil heats the vape juice and turns it into vapor. It can either be a single or dual design.


● Charger

Once in a while, the vape batteries need charging. The type of charger your devices require depends on the nature of the cell. As a vaping enthusiast, it’s always good to go for chargers that enable you to charge regardless of where you are.


● Wick

The wick is an absorbent fabric that moves the liquid towards the coil; it can be cotton, stainless steel, or silica. Wick carries the juice in the tank to the loop for heating purposes. It's then converted into vapor, which is inhaled.


● Tank
The tank is a heat-resistant part of the vape hardware that encases both the wick and the coil. It also stores the e-liquid. The three main types of vape tanks include an atomizer, cartomizer, and clearomizer.


Vape Hardware Storage Tips

These are the five essential tips for properly storing your vape hardware;

1. Store Batteries in their Original Package
Always keep your batteries in a sealed container. The vape batteries may be intact but can still get destroyed. When left out in the open, accumulation of dirt and contact with metal objects are some of the things that may interfere with its function. Batteries can also easily pick up dust, thus hindering the connection that may prevent power flow.

If you can’t find the original package, a plastic container is just fine to use. The goal is to protect the batteries from damage by environmental factors. When there is more than one battery in the container, make sure their terminals don’t touch to prevent reactions.


2. Keep the Spare Parts in One Place
Vape hardware spare parts such as the glass, coil, and wick are significant since the original ones may get damaged or need replacing. Therefore, always ensure to keep them in a safe, secure place.

For example, consider keeping them in their original box. This makes it easy to locate when you need them.


3. Store at Controlled Room Temperatures
E-liquids and batteries consist of chemicals that may be affected by environmental factors. Rooms or places with extremely low or high temperatures are not ideal for storage. Leaving your vape hardware in uncontrolled conditions where there’s always a change in temperature, humidity, wind, and rain can permanently damage your gear. Therefore, it’s important to leave it in a space with a controlled temperature since any slight change in temperature can affect its functionality.


4. Unplug the Charger After Use
Always remember to unplug the charger every time you’re not using it. Vape chargers don’t come with an on and off switch, so it keeps running provided that it’s plugged in.
Failure to unplug your charger after use can damage the device.


5. Keep You Vape Hardware in a Secure Place
Lastly, keep your vape hardware in a safe place free from all causes of potential damages. If you want to keep it in good shape, don’t keep your equipment where there’s a risk of accidents or damage.

Heat exposure, water, and moisture can ruin its circuitry. So, the best place to keep it, especially when you are not using it, should be in a clean, dry, secure, and cool area.



Your vape hardware should provide you with great vaping experiences. But to achieve this, it needs to be cleaned, maintained, and stored properly.

These tips will ensure that your vape hardware offers value for your money and keep the components in shape and functional for a long time. After all, your vape device and other accessories are essential investments, so why not care for them to enjoy optimal vaping experiences?


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