Organic Cannabis, The Emerald Cup and Unity - Eddy Lepp Interview

In an exclusive interview for Smokers Guide TV California, Eddy Lepp talks to Uncle Stoner about growing organic cannabis, the Emerald Cup and unity in the cannabis community.

Smokers Guide TV's Uncle Stoner talks to the then recently released Eddy Lepp. Eddy served seven and half years of a ten-year sentence in federal prison for growing cannabis. When arrested he was growing 20,000 plants; Eddy Lepp knows how to grow! You can read more about Eddy in our article, Eddy Lepp is Free! Cannabis Legend Free After 10 Years.


In this video Eddy Lepp shares his thoughts on organic cannabis and growing organically. In his view the benefits of organic cannabis and organic food, and the downsides of "playing god" in the grow room. He also talks about what he sees as a need for the cannabis community to unite to gain true legalization worldwide.

One of our favorite cups, The Emerald Cup in California is an all organic outdoor cannabis cup competition. A great example of organic cannabis at its best! Visit our Emerald Cup 2017 event profile to learn more!