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review created on : 04 Aug 17

Autoflor seed bank

Have used these beans  after intially was given some  by a freind who won a facebook comp with Autoflor,didnt know what to expect,class beans germed very fast,looked em up and their bean selection was good on their site.stocky and fat and heavy plants really good croppers,the smoke was beautiful,critical was some of the best ive ever smoked,ive managed to get a hold of a few of their other beans got them in now, excited if they half as good as the critical,,these guys are a non profit medicinal seedbank,,didnt know that unitl i asked a round ,apparntly they do brilliant work in the community and for they making money ????? i see another comment here aswell,,must be from another Seedbank or some kid who wasnt happy...anyway im happy and good work fellas keep it going to many skanky seed banks out there with overpriced shit genetics..

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review created on : 04 Aug 17

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