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Dampkring (de)

Handboogstraat 29

Review and Rating by Tuckerborr

review created on : 26 Jan 10
  • 9.0
marijuana menu
  • 8.0
customer service
  • 8.0

in the top 5 go there soon

this place is cool. not many chairs but stools at the bar, i always see an old dutch guy with a white beard tokin on a bong, what a legend. pics of George Clooney. when filmin oceans 12 i think, wicked.
Marijuana menu: cant remember exactly what i got but i know the menu was vast.
Service & staff: always really busy so its difficult to say, no complaints from me. i love this place and the people init.
Summary : in the top 5 go there soon

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review created on : 26 Jan 10

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