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Laughing Buddha

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Laughing Buddha
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Feb 14, 2007


Sativa-Indica Hybrid, Bio.


Rock-solid "nuggets" are so rocky-hard that a grinder is really necessary or you are liable to break a nail� or at the very least, lose half of the bud as you "chip away" at it. Under light they look dark green and slightly brownish in colour and the little orange-red coli are everywhere. The thick coating of well-defined crystals are visible with the naked eye and prove it was cut and cured at its peak. This should be a strong ride�


The smell is fresh and strong, with a noticeable bit of earthy green, spicy and lasting long in the air. You burn a joint of this and you can be assured that the area will be reeking!


The flav is aroma-therapeutic as the smell would seem. It leaves a roasted pepper taste which intensifies as the pure joint burns down. Because it lands heavy and hot on your palette, a very sharp, citrusy-peach Chardonnay would seem to go well here.


It's serious Creeper Weed; there is such a strong baked feeling that sets in about 15 minutes after toking. It is crazy, I feel completely ripped by this! It is not "sleepy" weed but it is in any case very heavy gravity. It wants you to stick to whatever you are doing and stick to it good. In my case I was sat with my ass firmly planted to the sofa, watching 2 hours of TV and laughing at the dumbest shit RTL5 can offer at night. Hell I even stared at the 0900 adverts ("call for a hot date!") for about 10 minutes before I realised my grandmother was in the room with me!


This really mashed me up good. I had some really nice visuals and the type of swimming feel that makes you think things are moving slightly in your peripherals. This is certainly not for beginners. It lasts for a long while at this intensity which means it is gonna be good value for money. I am really glad to see this on the Rokerij menu; you know it will be good and consistent for daze to come...

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