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Royal Cream Gold
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Dec 12, 2008


Extra fine Morrocan Super Polm. Rif mountain region.


This stuff looks so delicious I�d better keep it away from my girlfriend; she may and try and eat it! I got a really fat-ass chunk of this handed to me by NativeK before Damian Marley started singing and I was jazzed. Even in the dark, you could tell this was some special stuff but I was forced to wait to the next day when I was able to look at this product in the daylight (no, not SUNlight, this is the Netherlands remember!) Anyway, this hash was well pressed: oily, soft and pliable but not squidgy, the qualities I look for.


The smell is so choco-peppermint rich and sugary, I even felt like taking a bite! When I lit this up, people to the left and right of us were smiling wide, hoping it would pass their way! There is such a sweet potpourri of fine dry ganja that is released in mad clouds, it's hard to beat.


The flavour released here is fresh as can be. According to Rokerij sources, this was a "blessed" year for plants that were grown in the Rif region; for me, it's like a fine wine; 2008 made for an outstanding vintage for Morroco's finest.


You know, at the concert I was already flying on all sorts that were on offer so I was really only able to enjoy the flav. The next day I came home from work and twisted up a small joint of this and went into a mode where it all just slowed to a crawl... I just sat back and listened to the news, gathered my thoughts and relaxed... bad-economy? No worries. :) The feeling on this was very content and stable overall in its FX. This is quite settling and reassuring smoke actually, like Mother's Milk, Moroccan style. :)


Over the last few years, I remember sampling the Royal Cream Gold, and always being very happy with The Rokerij. This time was no different; it's always good to go for the gold!

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