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Sep 14, 2007


Rifman Hash, one of the finest polms that Morocco has to offer.


Cut in thin strips, this gear looks like it is the real deal. As I broke it apart it bent than began to show the interior which was more golden layered and crystally than the outer "skin" which was a bit more compressed and therefore darker and more oily. Slightly more grainy in texture than the other Rifman on the Rokerij menu called "Shariffa", this hash breaks up into a more powdery consistency if it is not kept warm, so make sure to use a rolling tray.


I didn't roll a joint with this but rather, chucked it in a glass waterpipe. It lit up real easily and I didn't have to keep the butane flame on it, which is always a good sign and also much more healthier without having to worry about inhaling the nasty gas that I�ve heard is so bad for your lungs.


The flav is slightly peppered and softly minty. There are no signs of contamination here as you inhale copious amounts of rich hashish smoke. To get the full taste of this hash, a waterpipe was my choice, as I mentioned before. You are left with a really pleasant taste in your mouth after some pure hits of this hash.


The FX come on immediately, making you feel a bit light-headed and nearly dizzy. After smoking a full bowl of this in a pipe, it makes you feel like your head is filled with jelly. It is a bit visual and has you "flashing" around. If you add in a few beers, you will be shocked how light & airy you will be feeling as you move around.


The hash from the Rifman never disappoint. As I say many times (and apparently you guys on our Message Board too), the Rokerij is one of my fav coffeeshops and with good reason; they really keep a solid menu of hash AND grass. It makes life easier! :)

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