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C.Cup Weed 22

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C.Cup Weed 22
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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Cannabis Cup

shop profile Jan Rebelstraat 21


Oct 10, 2001


There seems to be some Orange Bud somewhere in its heritage.


Very swollen, medium-green and crystal covered. The hairs are not as prevalent as in a normal Orange or Red Bud so there may have been a late hybrid blend here. The coli that are present are super fat and stalky.


Fresh and slightly citrusy when split open.


Very fresh and "clean" taste but I still doubt it to be Bio. The aftertaste is sugary with a pleasant sweetness to it.


Nice high. Visual. "Flashes" of light and the play between shadow and light; stoney chiaro-scuro at it's best here! Had me buzzin for a good hour, laughing at some of the oddities in my perception...


This stuff got me really tweaked! Not sleepy, not super giggly, but very visual fo' sure! This was one of my low-pro gems from the Cup. I'll prolly keep smokin' this gear as personal from time to time.

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