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C.Cup Weed 20

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C.Cup Weed 20
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Cannabis Cup

shop profile Jan Rebelstraat 21


Oct 10, 2001


This one's interesting. Seems to be some sort of Domina Haze-alike or perhaps a Diesel blend but that's just a preliminary judgement... Whatever it is, there is a "strong" Indica (or two) matched with a "strong" Sativa to get this great blend.


Darker, "reaching" bud-type. Long and narrow leaf formation. Slight dis-colourations found ranging from the darker to lighter brown hues. Not much obvious crystals to be seen, given the darker colour, and the coli are very thin but this stuff is very enticing all the same....


Sweet and a hint of spice. Bud like this conjures up images of the rain forest for some reason. It seems wild, exotic and endangered!


Sweet and a lil' earthy with the spice still lingering around. The spice seems to be more like an old-fashioned candy store flava. Certainly unique, no doubt!


Uplifting, soft and subtle. Light visuals, clumsy floating stylee. I kinda lapsed in and out of stoned-ness for a mere hour. You almost have to double check yourself to remind your high into action!


The light high is great for beginners and old skoolers like me who're after something unique. I am almost certain i've smoked a "relative" earlier this year but I cannot confirm this as of yet. Anyway, I praise this entry as one of my fav's simply because of the strain & taste/fx "uniqueness". Hat's off to the shop that entered this; they got cajones! Unfortunately, I believe that the majority of the stoner-judges will be too outta their skulls to even register the high from this sample!

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